Zakat Kasih – Nonprofit Organization

Cartenz store is one of the Indonesian brands that supply in outdoor equipment. In this project, Cartenz store wants to update the website design to make it look up to date and fresh. The challenge is how I make this layout looks clean and bold.

ZAKKI or Zakat Kasih, is a social institution focused on empowering marginal economic communities. The establishment of ZAKKI is based on a decent life which is the right of all levels of society.


The Concept

In 2017, one of the founders of ZAKKI, Arifah, call me that she is looking for a designer or developer who can handle her nonprofit project to help elderly people with giving a donation. Arifah wants me to collaborate with her team to create an online platform to collect crowdfunding that focussed in the elderly. In this project they want me to handle UI design and also front-end development. 

In this project, I tried to make a website design that is clean and easy to use with a combination of green for the main color.

Summary of work

Zakat Kasih 

UI Design, Front-end Development

Finished site:


Project Duration:
2 months